Oral Health in Older Adults

This educational resource is designed to provide healthcare professionals with practical education and tools, in order to understand and appreciate the importance of oral health in older adults and to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and effective management of oral health in older adults.

This resource has been created in coordination with the European College of Gerodontology (ECG) and utilizes the editorial expertise of independently selected specialists to curate all content.

Multimorbidity and Polypharmacy Training

The aim of the e-learning modules is to improve the knowledge of a wide range of relevant healthcare professionals involved in the treatment and management of older adults to facilitate earlier diagnosis and better patient outcomes.

  • Developed by panel of experts in association with WILEY Knowledge Hub team and e-learning instructional designers
  • Supplemented with videos, infographics, patient case study, list of peer-reviewed research articles

Take e-learning: Multidisciplinary Team

Take e-learning: Multimorbidity & Polypharmacy

Take e-learning: Special Characteristics

Infographics Oral Health in Older Adults

These infographics discuss specific characteristics of oral health in older adults, multimorbidity and risk of polypharmacy, current state of oral healthcare in older patients and the latest evidence-based guidance on how to best educate this population in managing their oral health.


A specially curated list of peer-reviewed articles discussing the latest advancements in the diagnosis, treatment and management of oral health problem in older adults.


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