Impacts of Periodontitis

What are the societal and economic impacts of periodontitis?

Periodontal (gum) diseases in the severe form of periodontitis, has associations with both diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Systemic inflammation could represent the underlying mechanism that links oral health and these conditions. Integration of dental and general healthcare would not only enable improved patient care, but early treatment of periodontitis also has larger economic and societal benefits.

Improve your knowledge of gingivitis and periodontitis to enhance the treatment and care of patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, and pregnancy by completing the free e-learning modules below.

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The infographics discuss the association between Periodontitis and areas of specialities such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, and pregnancy.

Learning points discussed:
• common signs and symptoms of Periodontitis
• the effect of each disease on the other
• the detrimental effects of not addressing oral health concerns in these patients/people
• take home messages for physicians and the oral health team on how to prevent, treat and manage such patients/people

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Listen to our experts talk about:
• association between periodontitis and the four specialty areas of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, and pregnancy
• treatment and management options through case studies and peer-to-peer discussions

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Our expert panel discusses a typical patient case study and how a physician and a dental practitioner will co-manage the treatment of this patient for the best outcomes.

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