E-learning - How a Multidisciplinary Team Can Best Improve the Oral Health of Older Adults



Oral health in older adults, (especially who are frail or have cognitive impairment) may be improved through effective communication and efficient collaboration between multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals. In this e-learning module, we will cover the importance of communication and collaboration between such varied teams and guide carers of these older adults on what or how they can play an important role in maintaining or improving the oral health of such older adults.
In addition, we will review a case study of an older adult with cognitive impairment. We will understand how communication and collaboration across the different care settings and caregivers prevented the deterioration of oral health of this lady and the importance of a coordinator who could take care of her daily oral hygiene as well as take her for regular check-ups with a dental professional and hear from a KOL on these aspects.

  • Developed by panel of experts in association with WILEY Knowledge Hub team and e-learning instructional designers
  • Supplemented with videos, infographics, patient case study, list of peer-reviewed research articles
  • Downloadable certificate