E-learning - Improving Oral Health in Individuals with a Physical Impairment Disability (PID)


People with PID are at higher risk of dental trauma injuries and often require assistance with core activities. This module will educate healthcare practitioners and other care professionals such as nurses and caregivers on the importance of oral hygiene in this group, barriers faced by this population, and tips on how to take care of these adults and when to access healthcare and referral to dentistry. In addition, we will review a case study of an older adult who needs emergency dental treatment and who suffers from comorbidities and has recently suffered a stroke which has left him paralyzed.

  • Developed by panel of experts in association with WILEY Knowledge Hub team and e-learning instructional designers
  • Supplemented with videos, infographics, patient case study, list of peer-reviewed research articles
  • Downloadable certificate